Comfort living – adding an escalator to a home

We work day in and day out to make our everyday better. In other words we think about making our life comfortable, so that living is hassle free every passing moment. Living not just in the present, we plan for tomorrow and for the years which we are going to live. So we save up and plan for tomorrow, so that we are well prepared for the times to come. Where does the planning start? Well, what better is to start with our haven -our house, the place we come back to everyday and spend our maximum time.

The rise with the Escalator

With every passing day we are aging and moving to a new phase of life and no one knows what the future has in store for us. However, the way we plan for our old age and plan our retirement, we must plan some changes beforehand before we actually need them. One such plan which must have in mind is installing an escalator in our homes. living in comfort would also mean adding an elevator to the house . Grant Home Elevators has over half a century of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing elevators.

Once we install an elevator, we realize the benefits we enjoy with it.

Escalator-making life effortless

• Every now and then we come home with some bag or the other, be it shopping bags or regular grocery bags. It needs to be carried up and especially if your house is multi level then you definitely know the effort that goes in carrying it up. Not just this, sometimes you just feel like shifting furniture to a different place in the house i.e. change the setting of the house. In such times the escalator turns out to be a boon, where you can easily carry stuff with little effort though, but surely you will not be straining yourself too much.
• Like all families, everyone has members of different age groups or simply a mixed age group. Some young and some could be old too, who could be having issues climbing stairs. In fact, with time or at any point of time anyone could face mobility issues. In such times escalator could make anyone more mobile and help him be in any portion of the house

The precaution

There are a few things which must be kept in mind when you have an escalator installed in your home and you must religiously follow these precautions always. Make sure that the safety guidelines for elevators are followed.

• Firstly children should always be escorted by elders when they are using the escalator to avoid any accident. Adult supervision is a must.
• Secondly regular maintenance must be carried out to keep the escalator machinery working in perfect condition always.